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Our success comes from YOUR success.  

This is achieved by delivering what we promised and going above and beyond your expectations. 


We provide a highly specialised and personal cosmetic development service as you seek to embark on your unique product journey. We can assist with legislation and regulatory requirements, sustainable raw materials, packaging, and country-specific information.

We are cruelty free and have never tested on animals. We conduct our business in a socially responsible and ethical manner. We put the wellbeing of our people as well as the protection of the environment and global communities at the forefront of what we do. 




TL was founded by a shared vision of excellence. The founders have been involved in the development of many international brands for some of the top cosmetic companies in the world. They are a force to reckoned with in the cosmetic industry.

TL is a hub of knowledge and expertise when it comes to high performing, highly efficient, high quality, and superior cosmetic products. With the plethora of scientific and technical knowledge we can assist with your project from concept to completion. We can give advice that can be utilised with every client we work with to give insights into current and emerging market trends.


Our Promise

-       We PARTNER with you, guaranteeing outstanding customer service.

-       We use the highest quality ingredients.

-       We are cruelty free and never test on animals.

-       We deliver on what we say we will.

-       We are committed to providing high performing innovative, cost-effective formulations.


We don't settle for anything but excellence.  This is what we do, day in day out and we do it well.  We take pride in providing high value products and services which deliver premium value and results for our clients.  No matter how big or small the project we maintain the same rigorous standards.  We believe the true essence of quality is conscious and purposeful focusing on needs for every client.


Through innovation and the pursuit of excellence, we deliver unique business solutions that solve unique challenges in the cosmetic industry

Leverage Collective intelligence

We use the prolific and ubiquitous wisdom of collective intelligence with our team of experts.  We use their years of experience to solve problems, discover new opportunities, create new products, and simply dominate the market.

Cultivate and Network Communities of Expertise

We network within the industry to facilitate dynamic engagement, building on our expertise and ensuring that we keep up to date on industry practice and trends.


We handpick the right people for the role with years of experience who do not compromise on quality.  They are an integral part of the company.  They are resourceful and entrepreneurial; they get it right and they get it done.  They deliver on value, helping YOUR business grow.  They are self-starters who are outgoing about the work they do.


Impeccable quality is assured through the life cycle of every project.  We promote a philosophy of excellence.  This is achieved by keeping abreast of the cosmetic industry and the use of reflective and continual assessment practices.


We are here to stay, and that is why we believe only the strongest survive and thrive.  We maintain a competitive advantage as we are reliable at a healthy cost level.  With over a decade of experience there is a reduction of operational risks.  We always have an integrated value approach for operational excellence.  This affords us greater efficiencies; we are able to forge stronger relationships and deliver greater results.


We ensure that you always have value for money.  In doing so we ensure we are efficient, effective and economical.  This ranges from sourcing the best materials at the best price, ensuring that service delivery is timely.


We are transparent every step of the way, which fosters strong relationships with strong foundations.  This ranges from our employees - which increases productivity - to our customers, which foster repeat business.


You at the forefront of everything we do.  We pride ourselves on the relationships we have developed and maintained with every client.  We treat every client uniquely, assessing their needs, as no client is the same.  This is based on an ethos of partnership, trust, integrity and client confidentiality. 

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