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Classes and Mentorship


Group Classes

Group classes are usually designed to be beginner friendly, teaching about the basics of formulating cosmetic products in a laboratory environment. This can provide especially useful training for people who are thinking of creating their own line of products. However, if you want to focus only on specific skills or on more advanced training, you can do it quicker with our personal one-on-one offering.

One-on-One Classes

Our private one-on-one classes move at a pace decided by the learners and their needs rather than the set syllabus set out in our group classes. There is also flexibility in the length of classes, which can be timed around learning aims, and can be arranged to work around your schedule. 


The most successful people have advisors or mentors as the most efficient way to achieve success. With our mentorship programme we can show the formulation for success, and we can advise you on what is missing and essential in building a successful cosmetic business.

With our mentorship programme you get the following: 

-       Advice when you need it

-       Experience and strategy

-       Motivation

-       Reduced anxiety

-       Industry contacts 

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